Agent Terms and Conditions


A deposit plus a non-refundable Booking Fee of $22.00 is required no later than 48 hours of making the booking in order to confirm the booking. The balance must be paid by the due date specified or the booking may be cancelled without prior notice. Payments can be made by cash, personal cheques, money orders, EFTPOS, and credit cards (Amex is not accepted).
After deposits are processed you will recieve an automatically generated email giving confirmation and instructions on what to do next.
When balances are processed you will recieve an automatically generated email  notification of the reciept and instructions on how to gain access to the property
If arriving outside our normal office hours contact our office at least 48 hours prior to arrival to ensure access to the property.
Office hours are
                        Mon to Fri 9.00 to 5.30
                        Sat 9.00 to 1.00
                        Sun closed
Contact numbers 03 5568 1066
AH 0428 347 467
All guests are responsible for the care and return of keys and the guests are liable for the cost of replacement of keys and garage remotes. Call out fees are payable if a replacement key is required after hours.
During Peak Season
Christmas and Folk Festival
All monies paid are non-refundable. However, in exceptional circumstances, if you cancel or fail to use your holiday accommodation booking, a refund may be payable (after a deduction of $80.00 Administration Fee) if the accommodation is able to be re-booked for the same period.
If you cancel your booking during peak seasons we will endeavour to relet the property for the full cancelled period. If we are able to re-let, you will be refunded the deposit less an $80.00 administration fee however, if we are unable to re-let the property your deposit will be forfeited and you are liable for the full cost of the booking. No refunds will be given for early departures.

Outside Peak season
Any refund for a cancellation outside peak season will be be totally at the discretion of the manager and each case will be treated on its merits however provided adequate notice is given of at least 30 DAYS is given a refund may be payable (after a deduction of $80.00 Administration Fee) provided the cancellation does not unfairly act against the interests of the property owner .
All holiday accommodation must only be used for private, residential usage only and the number of guests must not exceed the number of persons quoted on website. Exceeding the stated number of guests will result in a termination of your Booking and you will be required to vacate the property immediately without refund. No functions or parties may be conducted at the Property without the prior approval of the agent. 
Additional caravans and the erection of tents are strictly prohibited.
Properties are not to be used for private functions such as receptions or parties. Immediate termination of your booking at the sole discretion of the agent may occur if you are in breach of this condition.
All premises are fully self-contained with linen supplied. Whilst some holiday accommodation properties have small quantities of washing powder, detergents, soap and toilet paper, it is expected that you will need to bring supplies depending on our length of stay.
All properties are leased on the understanding that tenants will treat the property with the same respect as their own home. Please leave the premises in the same good condition you found it. Excess cleaning charges at $35.00 per hour will be deducted from your credit card. Please ensure dishwashers are turned on prior to your departure or if no dishwasher is supplied, make sure all dishes are washed, dried and put away prior to departure.
It is expected that if you have used the BBQ that it will be left in a clean state.
Immediate termination may apply in the event of unnecessary or excessive noise, nuisance or disturbance caused to neighbouring properties during your occupancy. The Agent has the absolute and sole discretion to cancel your occupancy in the event your actions or behaviour compromise the safety and/or quiet enjoyment of neighbouring properties or others. Guests are fully responsible and liable for payment of all charges incurred, irrespective of such cancellation, together with any financial loss suffered by the Property owner and/or Agent and can be debited to your credit card without further notice.
Unless specifically stated as being ‘pet friendly’, no pets are allowed either onto the grounds of the property, nor inside the holiday accommodation under any circumstances. The Agent is not responsible for the confinement of your pet. Any pets found in holiday accommodation properties will result in a termination of your booking and additional cleaning charges will be debited to your Credit Card if this occurs. If your holiday accommodation is a designated ‘Pet Friendly’ property, then it is expected that the pet will be confined to the yard and that all “doggie Do” will be disposed of properly prior to your departure. 
Whilst you are in occupation, you are fully responsible for all breakages and damage caused to the property, its furniture, fittings, or any consequent loss suffered by the property owner or agent. Any such breakages, damage or lost must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the agent and either replaced to the satisfaction of the Agent, or paid for prior to departure. Failure to comply with this condition will result in a debit of any such costs and expenses to your Credit Card without further notice.
All repair or service personnel can enter the property for the purposes of conducting any repair, service or maintenance deemed necessary by the agent. The agent will endeavour to make any such arrangements as convenient as possible for the guest.
Please remember to take all personal belongings with you upon departure. No responsibility will be accepted by the agent for any personal possessions left after departure. Any items left behind that need to be returned to you will be sent C.O.D.
If the holiday accommodation is listed for sale the selling agent should make every effort to arrange inspections during the change-over times but when this is not practicable the agent reserves the right to negotiate a mutually suitable time and date when such inspection could take place, providing a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.  During such inspection the selling agent/buyer has no rights to open cupboards or otherwise invade the privacy of the occupant and the inspection must be limited to a period not exceeding TEN minutes.TARIFFS
Every endeavour is made to keep advertised tariffs up to date and correct at all times however, tariffs are subject to change at any time.
Every effort is made to properly describe or portray the property as accurately as is possible in good faith. No responsiblilty is accepted for any error or misrepresentation and no refunds will be given.
The Property owner and Agent will not be held responsible nor liable for:
It is hereby agreed that the Agent provides holiday accommodation booking services only for and on behalf of the Property Owner. Any property descriptions or advertising materials are to be viewed as a general guide only. The Agent  will not be held responsible or liable for any deficiency in the holiday accommodation or its furniture/fittings.
The Property Owners reserve the right to cancel any holiday accommodation bookings at any time, and in this event, all reasonable endeavours will be used to offer you alternative holiday accommodation but without liability.
By my/our signature hereto, I/we hereby acknowledge and agree that I have read and accept the above Terms & Conditions and hereby authorise Port Fairy Holiday Rentals as Agent to debit any additional charges or fees incurred by me/us to my/our credit card without notice or demand.